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Hack-Corona - Hacking COVID-19

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Since the inception of the COVID-19 global situation, we have witnessed a common pattern. In every country in which the number of contaminated people is reaching a critical mass, hospitals are becoming bottlenecks. In addition, the people that are due to provide precious care treatments are put at risk of also being contaminated, which creates further pressure on our health systems.

The best examples of this kind of challenging situation is very well represented in the famous videos showing how the Chinese government built several hospitals in matter of days. Keeping people in their homes, while at the same time providing great care can help our health systems function in an efficient matter even when number of COVID-19 cases increase.


Once theSheba Medical Center in Israel was informed that they had to prepare an isolated facility for 11 Israeli citizens who were being evacuated from the Diamond Princess ship in Japan, they deployed a full blown solution in 48 hours. The new isolated center was equipped with the best technologies they could find in order to provide remote care while keeping their staff safe and sound.

This new center is currently functioning as a test site for every technology that might help care-givers to provide good care for people people under quarantine.

The goal is to share all of the knowledge and insights gathered at the Sheba Medical Center with every organization in the world that would like to deploy a similar system in order to avoid the bottleneck scenario of health systems.


On Thursday, Febuary 27th 2020, at 12:00 pm (GMT+2) Time in Israel, ARC, the Innovation arm of the Sheba Medical Center, will conduct a seminar in which it will present its Isolation Center. The purpose of this seminar is to work with startups from all over the world in order to deploy new technologies to provide the best care treatments at home on a large scale. The challenge is to build a HomeCareStack that can be easily deployed and managed.

This call for startups, researchers and innovators is open to everyone that thinks she or he has something to offer.

Watch Dr. Eyal Zimlichman, MD

Deputy Director, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Sheba Medical Center